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I’m dreaming of crispy forests and unwalked paths

of observing plants and fresh lakes

of  hearing a howling wind on a mountain top so high

I’m dreaming of the dripping of the rain

of blinding sunrays and incomprehensible words

I’m dreaming of adventure


I will be absent for a short period of time, dear readers.

I welcome you back in August.

Take care, all.


So many seeds, so little yard

May 13th I sowed cherry tomato seeds in turf pots…


New tomatoes

Debuting in (indoor) gardening and growing vegetables, I sowed many, just in case…


They grew fast, at least I think so, I can’t compare, I potted them many times…

tomatoes col

…tied them up to bamboe sticks and played other reinforcements tricks…

tomatoes june 17 (2)

Today it’s July 1 st, about 6 weeks after sowing the seedlings:

July 1st

I’m secretly hoping they stop growing because I have no place left to put them.

I can’t really put them outside in their pots. The terrace there gets a lot of wind and I’m unable to use that space to properly take care of them.july 1

I think I’ve started something I don’t really know how to deal with right now :-D

I’m thinking about gifting some of the plants again to save some space!

If you never fail, you’ll never learn

Keynote 27june keynote 27 june

After finishing Fethaland, a lovely Fair Isle hat, I resumed Keynote. I’m about to finish the border of the body. Next are the sleeves.

New tops

(No I didn’t sew them and yes, I wish I did)

fethaland topfethaland down

And Fethaland, oh Fethaland, oh how I wish I swatched before casting you on :-) It’s kinda…big. My hurry impatience for casting on this hat is inexcusable. Even worse, my haste for shrinking it can’t be justified at all! I quickly scanned the internet on how to shrink 100% wool substances and tried the immerge into hot water & gentle wool cycle in the dryer method. That didn’t work, it was even bigger! So I tried a gentle cycle again, and when that didn’t work I turned it on a faster cycle causing one of the colours to be nearly FELT.  It isn’t thàt noticable but still …I shouldn’t be so impatient at times and read through the whole pattern at first and make some changes before casting on.

reading Harry

To ease my mind a bit about the past busy weeks I visited the library today. I love the silence and calmness of a library and the amount of books about almost everything.

I took up some books about taking care of succulents and other indoor plants. It reminded me that a lot of effort has gone into these books. In the present time, information is very accessible through the internet, but I miss the times when you really had to take your bicycle and ride to the library to look up things, properly. It’s fun having books on the table to browse through from time to time instead of staring at screens all the time, which I have been doing this past hour to get this post online ;-)


The construction works on our house are going fast. Sometimes a bit too fast. We still have many decisions to make. It’s all a big adventure.  The year that has passed, until now, I was kind of lost in all of it, it as in things and choices in life. It’s like someone said: “Let’s put that on pause for a second.” I’m kind of a big dreamer and hold on to the past way too much. It’s not good when you’re standing on the edge of some life changes. I still need to cross a bridge, but sometimes I don’t know which bridge to take.

Chaotic Conversations

imageSucculent bloom tomatoes june 17 (2) tomatoes june 17 (3) Tomatoes june 17Fethaland collage

Conversations, it seems like I had a million conversations in my head last week. I spoke to people, the clouds,  the cats,  the dead. I dreamed terribly last night about strangers, wicked scenery, a cpr and places you can visit without knowing how you got there. I blame my nights shifts. They totally upset me.

From top to down:

Visit from a furry three legged hesitating snoop right after the concrete  of our basement was poured| Tomatoes going great on my attic | Taking a pause from Keynote and going for my first Fair Isle: Fethaland by Gudrun Johnston.

Scenes lately

Wildflowers colwildflowersNew Imagewf closewf close 3tomatoesjune51024tomatoes colSUnflowers going upsunflowers june 8sunflowers 2 closesunflowers closeLoreIMG_0084keynote june

 Picking wildflowers on a tropical Summer day | Tomato plants (I planted way too many because I didn’t think they’d survive on my attic) | Little sunflowers grew and I’ve moved them to the terrace (does any one know what those little yellow spots are? (they’re on all the leaves) | Me swinging my youngest niece because she wanted to ‘fly too like the birds’ (photo taken by my fiancé)| Planning a new trek for this Summer | Keynote slowly progressing

I hope you had a nice week!



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