Wanderlust: Norway – Return to Oslo and Belgium

dag 8 (5)

On our way back to Oslo we didn’t planned anything, but to make the travelling a bit more interesting we visited the stavkirke in Ringebu (which was in scaffolding), the Norsk Vegmuseum in Fåberg ( a museum about how the roads and tunnels were build through the years), and we passed by Lillehammer (a place where the 1994 Olympic Wintergames were held.)

dag 8 (6)

At the end of the day we arrived at a camping with a beach and lots of mousquitos, causing us to eat our beach-barbeque meal in the tent… .The sunset was beautiful though.

 dag 8(2)dag 8 (1)

The next day we got up early to drive the last kilometers to Sognsvann, where we parked the car for free and took a tram to Oslo (because it is quite expensive to park your car in Oslo and you have to pay toll to enter the city).

We visited the University of Olso (faculty of Law), the gardens of Slottet (Royal Palace), we shopped at Granit, we went to see the Akershus fortress, strolled around the docks, ordered a coke and a coffee and watched the masted ships.

dag 9 (e)

Afterwards we walked to the stunning and impressive Opera House.

dag 9 (c) dag 9 (d)

It got closer to 6 PM, so we headed to the docks where our ferry to Denmark was waiting.

dag 9(f)dag 9 (m)dag 9 (g)

Leaving Norway behind us, sailing the Skagerrak to Denmark, we enjoyed a good meal and the magnificent sunset. In the cabin we spend the night.

dag 9 (l) dag 9 (k)

And we woke up early to arrive in Frederikshavn, Denmark. Now only a few kilometers (1022!) to Belgium ;-)

dag 10dag 10 (1)

Thank you, Norway, for your beautiful views, rich nature, culture, hospitilaty, neat campings and facilities and great weather! This trip was an excellent acquaintance and I’m definitely going back one day!

Thank you, fiancé, for driving me around and being such a nice company :-)

Thank you, readers, for your comments and for reading all the reports, I hope you liked them!

Wanderlust: Norway – Jotunheimen and Rondane

After a good night’s rest in Lærdal (see previous post), we took the ferry from Fodness to  Manheller to get on route 55 that would lead us to Turtagrø Hotel (Hurrungane, Jotunheimen). We started a 3-hour hike to the Tindeklubbhytta and enjoyed the Skagastølstindane mountains we were surrounded by.

dag 6 (10)dag 6dag 6 (9)dag 6 (4)

After th hike we drove to Lom (the route over the Sognefjellet was breathtaking) and found a sleeping place there to spend the night.

dag 6 (8) dag 6 (13)

The next day we continued our route to Ringebu, Rondane, another national park in Norway. The scenery from Jotunheimen (which helds the highest mountains in Norway), slowly fade into this great flattened out area of hills and low mountains. We lay a bit in the sun on this kind of crusty vegetation that looked like coral and then climbed the Muen ‘mountain/hill’ where we had this magnificent view over a bit of Rondane. Dag 9 (3) dag 9 (7) dag 9 (5)dag 9 (8) dag 9 (9) dag 9 (10)


Wanderlust: Norway – Nærøyfjord and the Snøvege

dag 5 (1)

After visiting Bergen, we headed to Nærøyfjord. This fjord is a branch of the Sognefjord in Aurland. It’s an extremely cold (yes, we tried swimming in it because it was so hot that day), but magnificent fjord!

dag 5 (2) dag 5 (11)dag 5 (3)

After the swim we had another 100 km to Lærdal over the Snøvege (Aurlandsfjellet). Snøvege is one of the National Tourist Routes in Norway, which treats you with stunning views of Aurland and the Aurlandfjord. To get from Flåm to Lærdal you can also drive through the world’s largest road tunnel (Lærdal Tunnel, length: 24.5 km), but we opted for the scenic route :-)

dag 5 (5)dag 5 (6)

‘Stegastein’, a spectacular viewpoint (a walkway of wood about 31m long, 640m above Aurland), offers you a staggering feeling, when slowly approaching the glass fence to see what’s beneath you.

dag 5 (8)dag 5 (12)

Once over Aurlandsfjellet we continued our route and found a camping in Lærdal where we started planning our route for the next day.

dag 5 (9)dag 5

Wanderlust: Norway – Bergen

dag 4 (1) dag 4 (5)

On day 4 we continued our route in the direction of Bergen. We arrived quite late in the afternoon, because we stopped a few times to enjoy the beautiful scenery and to see a copy of a Stavkirke in Fantoft.

We parked near Bergen and took the Bybanen (light rail system) to the centre of the city. The Bryggen houses, firms from the Hanseatic period, stood beautifully crooked in the sunlight and I was genuinly impressed.

dag 4 (6)dag 4 (7)

I was also impressed by the fish market. Especially by seeing their merchandise, in particular: whale meat! I wasn’t feeling comfortable after seeing that. They even offered whale burger. I’m aware that Norwegian people don’t mind eating whale, but I was a bit shocked.

dag 4 (10)dag 4 (11)dag 4 (8)dag 4 (9)

We went out for dinner and enjoyed a beautiful sunset at the harbour.

Wanderlust: Norway – Hardangervidda

Our initial idea for our first Norway trip was to buy a cheap air ticket to Oslo and take the Bergen railway to Finse. In Finse we would start a 4 to 5-day trekking on the Hardangervidda plateau (around the Hardangerjøkulen).  But after much thought and a bit of research we learned that going by car and ferry, staying at campings and taking all of our food with us that we bought in Belgium was around the same price.

We are a bit on a budget, since we’re constructing a house, but we thought that such a roadtrip, that allows us to see a lot more of Norway than when we’d see by overnight hikes, would be so much more rewarding. Besides, neither of us was trained in trekking like we were last year in the Pyrenees.

dag 3

After the hike in Norefjellstua, we were on our way to Eidfjord (Hordaland). We decided for our whole trip that we’d take as many national tourist routes as possible to get around in stead of driving through tunnels. We took route 7 from Geilo to Ringøy (13) and even the rainy weather couldn’t ruin the beauty of the Hardangervidda National Park. I suddenly saw a magnificent view from the car (small glacier) and we stopped to take some photographs. The rain and cold wind  got me back in the car quickly, but we decided to do a walk there. I changed clothing (thermal shirt, hiking boots, and my Fethaland hat to keep me warm!)

 Feth Harda

It was a beautiful walk. The only down thing was: mousquitos! I really had to tuck myself in so they wouldn’t find any glance of naked skin. Of course, I couldn’t hide my whole face so I had two bites, each besides my eyes. When we returned it started raining harder and that made the mousquitos go away.

dag 3 (1) dag 3 (9)dag 3 (2)

Back on route 7 we passed a sign “Vøringfossen”. A large roaring waterfall in Måbødalen in Eidfjord.

I learned that I couldn’t catch the greatness of it in a photo. (I have a video, but I’ll post that later)

dag 3 (12)dag 3 (10)dag 3 (4)

The day ended with a visit to the Hardangervidda Natursentre and at a camping in Ringøy.

dag 3 (5) dag 3 (6)


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