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apbm succulent

Succulent growing


Him: Flying kites at the beach of Middelkerke


Me: knitting while the skies turned dark grey

first tomato

My first self grown tomato

jotunheimen hike

Cell phone photos from our Norway adventure

Leeuwin stokstaartjes

Visiting the zoo in the Netherlands


New sock yarn

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Looking forward to Amanda’s new pattern and lovely new hats and jewelry in Melody’s shop

Jade happened to befriend a very cute kitten, which reminds me a bit of my former pet rabbit, that has the same name and same fur colour

I once stumbled upon this great site, with a new drawing every day!

And be sure to check out Andi’s Pink Wapiti Shawl!

Expect nothing and appreciate everything

When I started knitting Keynote back in May this year, I was thrilled -after only a year of self-taught knitting – that I was able to understand a knitting pattern, of a cardigan, with not only stockinette stitch, but with a twist and a raglan ànd a twist in the raglan ;-)Keynote finished

I measured myself multiple times, I swatched, changed to smaller needles, didn’t do the full increases again after decreasing for my waist, because I am a bit petite. And still, it’s too big again. Am I disappointed? Yes, of course I am. I mean, it took me 4 months of knitting.Keynote finished 2keynote wear 2

But it got me thinking too: it’s better to know and be disappointed, then to never know and always wonder. I also learned that when knitting the body in 4.0 mm metal needles, I should avoid to knit the sleeves in 4.0 mm wooden needles. It shows and I didn’t know. (I have this weird opposite knitting thing going on: I can only knit in the round on 4 dpn’s and I can knit back and forth the best on circulars.)keynote swatch

So I made myself a promise: from now on: only large and loosely cardigans, or socks. And maybe some mittens and a new hat attempt. Because, you know, Autumn is almost there. And I’m cold.

Keep on knitting!


Wanderlust: Norway – Return to Oslo and Belgium

dag 8 (5)

On our way back to Oslo we didn’t planned anything, but to make the travelling a bit more interesting we visited the stavkirke in Ringebu (which was in scaffolding), the Norsk Vegmuseum in Fåberg ( a museum about how the roads and tunnels were build through the years), and we passed by Lillehammer (a place where the 1994 Olympic Wintergames were held.)

dag 8 (6)

At the end of the day we arrived at a camping with a beach and lots of mousquitos, causing us to eat our beach-barbeque meal in the tent… .The sunset was beautiful though.

 dag 8(2)dag 8 (1)

The next day we got up early to drive the last kilometers to Sognsvann, where we parked the car for free and took a tram to Oslo (because it is quite expensive to park your car in Oslo and you have to pay toll to enter the city).

We visited the University of Olso (faculty of Law), the gardens of Slottet (Royal Palace), we shopped at Granit, we went to see the Akershus fortress, strolled around the docks, ordered a coke and a coffee and watched the masted ships.

dag 9 (e)

Afterwards we walked to the stunning and impressive Opera House.

dag 9 (c) dag 9 (d)

It got closer to 6 PM, so we headed to the docks where our ferry to Denmark was waiting.

dag 9(f)dag 9 (m)dag 9 (g)

Leaving Norway behind us, sailing the Skagerrak to Denmark, we enjoyed a good meal and the magnificent sunset. In the cabin we spend the night.

dag 9 (l) dag 9 (k)

And we woke up early to arrive in Frederikshavn, Denmark. Now only a few kilometers (1022!) to Belgium ;-)

dag 10dag 10 (1)

Thank you, Norway, for your beautiful views, rich nature, culture, hospitality, neat campings and facilities and great weather! This trip was an excellent acquaintance and I’m definitely going back one day!

Thank you, fiancé, for driving me around and being such a nice company :-)

Thank you, readers, for your comments and for reading all the reports, I hope you liked them!


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